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 Art and Artist
Art and Artist
Grey Interiors have fantastic connections with a variety of talented artists and offer a free consultancy service to source appreciating assets, iconic paintings, and commissioned paintings or sculptures to suit the commercial workplace, interior design and brand.
Joanna Gilbert Daniel Abbott Edward Baldwin Kevin Fitzpatrick Tim Fowler Andrew Harrison Michael McEntee
Joanna Gilbert
Joanna is the Master and Creator of Branded Art. Visual Translator of brands, values and messages, converting them into photography, illustrations and paintings that strengthen brand engagement via multiple touchpoints. Working exclusively to Grey Interiors, Joanna Gilbert from Your Branded Art utilises her marketing background to tell Your Brand's Story through Art.
Daniel Abbott
Daniel Abbott’s wood reliefs, paintings and prints are created through a process of sketching and then layering, twisting, skewing and distort the original marks with the use of colour. Influences come from the urban environment, urban art, and graphic design.
Happy accidents play a part in the work as well as a painstaking process of adding many layers of paint or shapes and lines.
Edward Baldwin
Edward Baldwin’s sculptural works are created to be focal pieces. His thrown work is characterised by the distinctive use of porcelain, colour and form. Most recently Edward exhibited at the Danish National Ceramics Gallery.
Kevin Fitzpatrick
Kevin Fitzpatrick creates paintings using forms and colour to define feelings and creates a response for the viewer.

Kevin’s large scale canvases draw you into their geometric compositions and angular arrangements. Kevin wants people to interact with the work, to take them on a journey through which they can escape from day to day life. One can see a reductive approach,  a pairing down of marks to ensure the most reductive of impressions; 'I like the process of breaking things down, making things simpler, I am trying to make life less complicated through my work'.
Tim Fowler
Derived from urban environments, Tim Fowler paints a range of structures that make up cityscapes and his interests include modern architecture, listed buildings, iconic structures and derelict buildings.

The paintings are partially recognisable images, often referencing a postcode location, which are distorted with strong colour and abstract elements. Fowler captures something deeper and more personal, as apposed to literal representation.

Originally from Leicester Fowler studied contemporary fine art in Sheffield Hallam and has since exhibited in Leicester, Sheffield and London.
Andrew Harrison
Harrison’s artworks are visual explorations of structure, shape, angle, colour and light. Cityscapes, specifically the organisation and uniform layout and geometric structures within the metropolis are strong influences in his work. Create artworks by simplifying and arranging these structures using the geometric grid.

The Isometric Project is the most recent and current body of works. The work stems from a range of influences and interest from architecture and art. Structure, shape, contrast, balance, composition and colour are the main factors when building these works.
Michael McEntee
Began carving in stone in 2000 and over a period of 20 years in the building trade, has gained an understanding of materials, how they react and how far they can be pushed. He continues to create pieces in bronze, porcelain and paper clay, for both interior and exterior use, which are contemplative, restful and tranquil.
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